Summer Days

Hello There,

I’ve been enjoying my summer so far. I’ve even made it outside a few times without ruining my pale glow.

Here’s some more story for you.

With Screams and Axes,




That night they slept on opposing sides of the bed, backs turned, each wondering about the foot, about the other, and what they might have done to receive such a thing in the mail. Both forgot, however, that the package had been addressed to both of them.

Yesterday, Joe and Kerri had moved in together. They had only been casually dating for a few months, but when Joe had asked Kerri if she wanted to live with him in a cute little house he had found to rent, she had said yes. All of her relationships before had been fast and numerous, with most fizzling out almost as soon as they started. Kerri never blamed herself for this, rather assuming that if the man lost interest then he just hadn’t been the one. No one had ever stayed with her long enough to ask her to move in.

On Sunday morning, they awoke to another package waiting on their doorstep. It was a hand. The fingers were thin but very long, and the nails were filed to sharp points and painted the same hot pink color that the toenails were. Another call to the police resulted in Kerri hyperventilating while Joe tried to calm her, reassuring her that the police promised they’d be sending someone when they could. Joe put the hand in the freezer with the foot.

Joe asking Kerri to move in with him had been a calculated move. He had looked at rental houses for weeks before he found one that he thought she wouldn’t be able to say no to. He had planned the moment he would ask down to the second. He brought it up after a romantic dinner, two glasses of wine, a story that made her laugh, and a confession of how much he cared for her.

Joe had become tired of feeling alone all the time. His apartment had been too big and blank. No matter how many times he stayed out into the early morning hours with his friends or how many dates he went on, coming home to that big, empty place made him feel isolated. When midnight came there, he was just a man trapped in a white room alone with guilt, dread, and anxiety. There was too much to think about, too many memories to attack him, so many regrets and what-ifs. He didn’t like the quiet, he didn’t like the white walls, he didn’t like that there wasn’t anyone else there to hear him or to call out to. It scared him and made him feel out of control. After dating Kerri for a few months, he decided that she would be the one to make him forget about it all.

On Monday morning, they received two legs in a long rectangular box tied with pink ribbon. For a brief moment, before the box was opened, Kerri thought there might be long-stemmed roses inside. Kerri suggested that they stay home from work, but Joe didn’t see the point. That night they tried to stay awake in the living room with their eyes on the window to see if they could catch who was delivering the packages. Both fell asleep before dawn.

Zombie Girl


It feels like it’s been such a long week. Was I bathing in blood only last Sunday? I guess time moves differently when it feels like you have so much to do and so many projects to work on. I’m working on a lot of exciting stuff that I hope to be able to share with you all someday soon!

In the meantime, here’s another installment of “The Cockroaches Waltz At Midnight.”

With Screams and Axes,



The Cockroaches Waltz At Midnight

“Thank you,” Art said as he was handed a chipped china plate heaping with meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. “This looks good.”

“How was work today, Dearie?” Mrs. Steven asked him.

“Bad,” Art said, salting his potatoes. “I got fired.”

“Too bad,” she said.

“Keep your chin up, Sonny,” Mr. Steven boomed, slapping Art on the back. “Something will come up, I’m sure of it.”

Art didn’t feel much like speaking about his former job anymore and set to eating his dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Steven made chit chat with each other, discussing whether it would rain and what their favorite flavor of Jell-O salad was. That’s when Art noticed something crunchy in his meatloaf. Art pulled something out of his mouth. It was the top half of a cockroach. The head looked up at Art. The Stevens burst out laughing as Art dropped the cockroach on the tablecloth. Then more of the insects appeared, crawling out from under the serving bowls and scooting on the table cloth. They kept laughing at him, Mrs. Steven wiping tears away with her napkin. Art got up and stomped up to his room. “Fuck those crazy people.”

When Art climbed the stairs to the attic, he noticed that his door was wide open. He knew that he had shut it when he left for work. He entered the room, flicked on the light, and watched the cockroaches scatter. He looked around for signs of a disturbance. Not that he had anything to hide from the Stevens, or anything anyone would want to steal, he just found it unsettling that those cockroach eaters were snooping around in his room while he wasn’t home. Everything looked untouched. Art sat down at his desk and reached for his guitar. When he picked it up, he stopped it examine it more closely. His guitar was missing every single one of its strings.