The Moon

Hello Dears,

Yesterday I found pumpkin beer already in stores. It was a moderate consolation for it still being August…

And yes, I bought a six pack of the pumpkin beer without shame.

I hope you can find something good about August as well.

With Screams and Axes,




“What?” Joe asked, looking surprised. He had never heard her raise her voice or swear before.

“These photos of naked ladies,” she said, holding them up for him to see. “Why do you have these?”

“Let me see those,” Joe said calmly, reaching for the photos. Kerri relinquished them willingly but kept the angry look on her face. Joe flipped through the photos casually. “Oh, these are some photos of ex-girlfriends,” he said, setting them on the coffee table.

“Why do you have them?” Kerri asked.

“I don’t know,” Joe said, seeming to search for the right explanation. “I didn’t think they were something I had to get rid of.”

“So, you think it’s okay to keep naked pictures of your exes in our new home?” Kerri asked, hating that Joe seemed so calm like he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“Why are they all asleep?”

“There’s something about a woman, naked and asleep, that I find arousing,” Joe said, looking suddenly ashamed.

“Did these women know you were taking their picture?” Kerri asked, hoping that she hadn’t moved in with some kind of pervert.

“I showed all of them after I took the pictures. None of my other girlfriends ever had a problem with this,” Joe said.

“I don’t like that you keep pictures of women you’ve slept with. It’s weird.”

“It’s not about the fact that I’ve slept with them, it’s not like those are trophy pictures. It’s just one of those things,” Joe said, trying to explain.

“One of those things?” Kerri asked.

“Yeah, like a fetish. This is my fetish,” Joe admitted, avoiding her eyes.

“Why isn’t there one of me?” She asked him.

Too Hot To Handle

Hello Dears,

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer to be over. I’m sick of the sun and the heat.

I hope you enjoy another installment of “Pieces of You.”

With Scream and Axes,




While they had been unpacking, Kerri had found herself going through one of Joe’s boxes. She had tried to tell herself that she was unpacking, that she wasn’t looking for anything, and that she wasn’t snooping. She told herself she was acting crazy and that she needed to stop, yet something in her brain told her to continue rummaging through his things. Then she found it. Under a folded pile of polo shirts, her fingers touched something different, something that didn’t belong in a pile of shirts. This must be the thing she had been looking for. She pulled out an oversized white envelope, with nothing written or stamped on the outside. Inside, she found five pictures. Kerri flipped through them.

Each picture was a woman, each one seemingly asleep with her eyes closed, and each one completely nude. Three were in bed, on sheets she recognized as being Joe’s, one on a couch, also Joe’s, and one on a sleeping bag in a tent. Her mind came up with a hundred horrible reasons for these photos in a just a few seconds. She wondered if these pictures were connected with what they had been receiving at their front door.

On Tuesday, they received two arms folded into a pistachio-green suitcase. Kerri noticed that one of the arms had a tattoo of a skull. Joe’s eyes widened when he saw the tattoo. Though he didn’t say anything, Kerri wondered if he recognized it. Joe suggested they get a security camera. He bought one that night, but couldn’t figure out how to set it up properly. He left it attached to a porch beam anyway, hoping just its presence might scare off whoever was doing this.

Kerri waited as long as she could before confronting Joe with the pictures she’d found. Marching to the living room with the photos in her hand, she snapped at him,

“What the fuck are these?”