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Summer Nights


Hello Horror Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I had a lovely weekend spending time with friends, napping, and taking walks with my dog. Summer isn’t my favorite season, as it becomes harder to keep my pale moon complexion, and my hair tends to blonde in too much sun, but I enjoy summer evenings more than anything. Once that pesky sun has gone down and it’s a little bit cooler, I love being outside. Luckily for me, my best friend has a lovely patio where we can enjoy the evenings and look out onto the city lights and wonder where the stars have gone.

Please enjoy another installment of “Something You Can’t Forget,” and have a great week.

Thank you for reading.

With Screams and Axes,



Melissa looked at herself in the mirror. She examined her thick thighs, her full arms, and her round face. They were the same size and shape as they’d always been, but she could see the beauty in them now. Melissa had never felt beautiful before, and tears began to trickle down her cheeks. There was more than just beauty there as well; she was sexy now, provocative and compelling.

“What would this cost me?” She asked with a sigh, sure of a steep price that she wouldn’t be able to afford.

“Yes, everything has a price, doesn’t it?” Max laughed. “Have you guessed what I am yet?”

“I have no idea what or who you are,” Melissa said. “And I’m not sure how much I want to know.”

“Well the basics are this…” He looked at her thoughtfully as though carefully considering what to say next. “I’m a demon.” He stared at her pausing for her reaction.

“Okay,” she said, no longer surprised by him.

“And I’ve developed a specific…dietary need, is what we’ll say.”

“Dietary need?”

“Yes. I enjoy eating the hearts of lustful men.” Max smiled. Melissa looked disgusted. “And yes, they MUST be men and they MUST be lustful. It’s just something about the flavor…”

“Okay, what does that have to do with me?” Melissa asked.

“Well, with your newfound sexual appeal and your confidence, men will be all over you. So naturally, I’d ask you to do a little harvesting for me.” Max watched Melissa’s face contort in revulsion. “I would only ask you to procure me one heart a month and I won’t even ask you to cut it out for me! All you have to do is lure a man somewhere, kill him, then call for me and I’ll do the rest. I’ll even take care of the body and all the cleanup!”

“That’s a horrible thing to ask someone to do.” Melissa looked at her figure in the mirror. “It’s murder.”

“But of course,” Max conceded. “But wouldn’t it be worth it?” He suddenly appeared behind her in the mirror. “And think of the beauty of a spider trapping flies in her web. It’s natural for the strong to prey upon the weak and insignificant. Just as those men used to prey upon you.”

Melissa tried to tell herself that beauty wasn’t worth murder, wasn’t worth blood. But as she stared at herself and felt her confidence surging in a way in never had before, she thought that maybe it was.

“Just one heart a month?” She repeated.

“Just one measly heart a month.” Max smiled.

“How will I call you?” She asked.

“With this,” he said, handing her a tiny silver whistle on a chain. “So do we have a deal?”

“We do.” Melissa shook the demon’s cold hand firmly.

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