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Oh Baby


I had a wonderful weekend celebrating Friday the 13th with a horror movie marathon and tons of Thai food. I hope everyone else had a similarly awesome weekend.

This weekend I also attempted to exercise, which I haven’t done in years (I know! I’m sorry). And today my legs are super sore, but I deserve it. I hope to be able to keep it up and get myself back in shape!

Please enjoy more of “Something You Can’t Forget,” and have a lovely Sunday Evening.

With Screams and Axes,




The man who she had taken into the stock room after close last night was named Steve. He worked at a shoe store in the mall. He had been flirting with Melissa for two weeks now, coming into the chocolate shop on his lunch breaks to buy a candy bar and tell her that he liked real women, curvy girls, and that her hair smelled good, like vanilla frosting. He wasn’t the first man she had allowed to take her by the hand into the stock room, or drive her home, or go just a couple times around the mall parking lot. There was something that felt good about being able to attract a man, about making him desire her like that. She liked to dance in front of that hunger and tease it till it pursued her. It made her body look different in the mirror, it made food taste different and it made the eating of it more enjoyable. But after it was spent and the attraction had run its course and he stopped coming around, she would feel the emptiness even deeper, the hunger would grow more ferocious. She worried that she was digging herself a hole and that she would never be more than just space, a large dark expanse.

“Hey Hun,” Sasha said, prancing into the store and hefting her oversized purse on the counter. Sasha and Melissa had been best friends since high school. Sasha worked at the hair salon next door. Sasha was a small girl, short and slender. Her hair was meticulously curled and sprayed with thick chunks of pale blond highlights. She had a thin cotton t-shirt stretched over her frame, which dipped in the front to emphasize an unnatural amount of cleavage, the result of a well-engineered push up bra. Melissa always admired Sasha’s seemingly perfect body that seemed to maintain its smallness almost effortlessly. Sasha ate fast food from the food court every day for lunch, and came in to visit Melissa and eat chocolate-covered cashews on her smoke breaks. Melissa hated herself for always staring at her, for trying to note any changes of size in her breasts or her hips. She felt the need to examine Sasha closely, to search her body for some kind of clue as to why it was the way it was, what made it better and how Melissa could get her body to behave like Sasha’s. Melissa stood behind the counter, not wanting to stand next to her friend and note the size difference between them.

“So what happened with that guy? You promised to tell me about it today.”

“He stopped by last night as I was closing…”


“And, and…we did it.”

Sasha exploded into a noise that resembled a laugh and an exclamation of astonishment.

“Haha, you little whore.” Sasha laughed. “How was it?”

“It was fine.” Melissa wished she had something to tell Sasha about it, but nothing about what happened last night was interesting or important. It was just fine, just ok, nothing that shouldn’t be forgotten.

“Just fine?” Sasha made an exaggerated frown. Melissa wasn’t sure if it was in mocking or sincerity. “He’s not the one I guess?”

Melissa glared at her.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, you must have known that before you slept with him. Didn’t you? I mean, did you like him?”

“Yeah, of course I liked him. There just wasn’t anything else.”

“Well, maybe next time you should hang on to the card a little longer before you play it.” Sasha laughed and momentarily became engrossed in the screen of her cell phone.

“Oh, like you’re one to talk.” Melissa playfully tossed a candy wrapper at Sasha, wishing it was something heavier and harder and that she had better aim. Sasha ignored the comment and said she had to get to work, gave Melissa a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left the shop, the echo of her heels clicking on the tile trailing behind her. Melissa loved her friend dearly, but sometimes she hated her just as much.

Melissa knew she wouldn’t hear from Steve again for a while and if she did it would most likely be for a reprise of last night’s events, and the second time it would be mostly business, less flirtation, all hurried hands and starved mouths. As a frustrated tear fell on the cherry wood counter, she popped a caramel into her mouth, letting it dissolve slowly.

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