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Mr. Jekyll and Lady Hyde


This week’s photo is a collaboration between myself and my amazingly talented brother and drag queen extraordinaire, Monae Fante. I had asked Monae to come up with a horror themed look based on a character I had come up with. I wanted to play around with the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story but instead of a scientist, I wanted a drag queen that transforms into the darker, evil, homicidal maniac side of herself when she puts her makeup on.

I love how this turned out.

Although I rarely use makeup myself, I love the artistry of it and how it can be used to transform a person’s appearance, almost like a mask does.

Everyone check out more of Monae’s makeup art on Instagram at @monae_fante

And please enjoy the first installment of a story called “Something You Can’t Forget”

With Screams and Axes.




The night before, in the back room of the chocolate shop, he had asked Melissa to strip herself naked, saying “I won’t hurt you.” She had struggled with the buttons of her blouse and trembled under his eyes as she tossed her shirt aside, worried for a moment that it’d land tag side up and he’d see the size XXL marked on it. He had waited as she acclimated herself to the chill of the refrigerated room and the starkness of her skin, unsteady as she bared herself before him saying “You won’t hurt me.” She knew that one day he would, that one day he would betray her and leave her exposed and empty. But that wasn’t today, wasn’t this moment. He had pursued her yesterday and had boldly asked her into the stock room today, and she was willing to take that on good faith until she couldn’t anymore. She would give him the benefit of the doubt until there was no doubt left.

He had taken her breasts in both of his hands. She had watched his fingers travel over the delicate expanse of pink skin, reaching out to him and loosening his belt and unzipping his pants. She became ashamed at the way her stomach puffed out, the stretch marks across her thighs like cracks in a mirror, of how his arms seemed to have to stretch so that they could reach to fondle her behind. She had shut her eyes and tried not think about her body, about its heft or what it looked like. She looked at him breathing heavy and erect, at his strangely intriguing male body that gave her a dull sensation of disgust but that was overcome with the urge to touch. She wanted to fuck him against the cold cement wall of the stock room, even though she knew that’s not what ladies are supposed to do in stock rooms after work. She wanted this, wanted something deeply, desperately.  She had a feeling that this wasn’t something he was able to give her, but she would try to be sure. Maybe this time, something would change.

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