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My Bloody Valentine


Happy Valentines Day my Ghouls! Love and I have been celebrating this holiday with brunch, horror movies, and Thai food. It’s been an amazing day.

This week I’ve been writing up a storm, and I’m hoping to submit two of my stories to horror magazines soon! Of course, competition is fierce and rejection is high, so I’m not getting my hopes up. But I’m excited just to try.


For this week’s photo shoot, I started this project with something completely different in mind, but once I got my hands on this gold, vintage-feeling dress, I was inspired to change everything. I hope you enjoy it!

And for this week’s fiction, I was inspired by a silly little poem I wrote about a tooth-eating monster last week. I enjoy coming up with quick little rhymes. They help me think sometimes. Thank you for reading and I hope you adore the Tooth Fairy as much as I do.

With Screams and Axes,




Daniel had been awake for 42 hours now. He stared at the clock that read 1 a.m., feeling so deliriously tired, yet still awake. There was a dull ache in his jaw, and his eyelids stung every time he closed them. He rolled over to the other side of the bed, and stared up into the darkness. He had never slept on this side of the bed. Now, this side was cold and empty, and he could lie here any time he wanted. This had been Jorge’s side of the bed.

Jorge had left two weeks ago. With little explanation, he had packed a couple of bags and had left the apartment they had shared together for over a year. Daniel’s calls went unanswered, and none of his friends could give him any insight as to why Jorge left. Daniel thought he must have met someone else, someone better than he was. Daniel had been struggling to sleep since Jorge left. Nothing felt right, nothing felt safe, and sleeping would only lead to dreaming; horrible, heart-breaking nightmares.


The pain in his jaw was getting worse. Damn wisdom teeth, Daniel thought as he slowly maneuvered out of bed and groped in the dark, feeling his way to the bathroom. When he got to the medicine cabinet, Daniel looked at his barely there reflection in the bathroom mirror with the lights off. He looked like a dark spirit, a shapeless mass in the darkness. He flicked on the light. In the mirror he saw himself smiling wide, except every single one of his teeth were missing, leaving only bloody, gaping holes where they should have been. Daniel screamed involuntarily and put his hands in his mouth. They were all still there.

He looked in the mirror again and everything was as it should be. He saw a young man with puffy eyes, sallow cheeks and a mouthful of not-quite-white teeth looking back at him. Had he fallen asleep for a moment while he had been standing in the dark? Or had his insomnia now given him the gift of hallucinations on top of everything else? He was too tired, and his mouth hurt too much to give it much more thought. He found the bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet, took three pills, and shuffled back to bed. He had to be up for work in a few hours.



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