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A New Year



With the start of the New Year I feel refreshed and energized. After the chaos of December, I took lots of time to rest and relax and refocus my energy on what I want to accomplish in this upcoming year. I have lots of things on my to-do list and I know that I can check off each and every thing if I just keep myself motivated.

It’s been so frightening and yet so wonderful forcing myself to join social media platforms and to create this blog. I’m in the very early stages and am still exploring my voice and what I’d like to accomplish with it, but it’s definitely been an eye opening experience that has pushed me far out of my comfort zone.

Maybe it’s the idea of an audience that I find frightening. It makes me feel so vulnerable connecting with them, like I’m baring myself before a strange crowd, laying down the darkness in my head for everyone to finally see. I know not everyone will understand me, but I hope that some will.

I’ve been outlining some new characters that I’d like to explore soon. They’re making an appearance this week in my Quick Fix Horror. I hope you enjoy them.

With Screams and Axes,




The Demon Mother waited in a large chamber room she had created long ago out of darkness. The chamber walls were constructed from black, reflective slate that gleaned in the flickering candle light, showing her images of evils from other dimensions, other realms of being. She considered these images, watching with a slight smile as a man in a city basement removed and ate the heart of another man. Her walls echoed with the screams of suffering and the sounds of ravenous hunger. “Bring me enough of those hearts and I’ll give you the means to collect even more,” her promise whispered through her world and out into the human man’s mind like a subconscious spell.

She raised her horned head as her husband entered the chamber.

“Is our son still asleep?” She asked.

“For now,” Father answered, flames dancing along his arms, his skin cracked like burnt earth. “But he will wake soon.” She thought about this and sighed long, cold breaths.

“That won’t be ideal,” she said. Father agreed. Their son had slept for thousands of years, lying dormant in tormented dreams. It had been better that way. Father kneeled before Mother and took her hand, black smoke mixing with flame and searing heat, perfuming the room with ash and brimstone. She touched his hardened face with a soft hand and smiled. “But we will manage.”

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