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Abandoned Places



Basements will always be horrible places. The last apartment I lived in had a basement with a dirt floor. I hated going down those creaky old steps and shuddered to imagine what could possibly be buried there. Basements are places that people try to forget about. The basement is where you put things you don’t really have room for, things you don’t need, and things you don’t want to remember. There’s an abandoned quality to basements, even ones in well-kept homes. They’re eerie in the same away empty houses and abandoned buildings are eerie.


When I was in college there was an old dorm on campus that had been vacant and boarded up for years. My friends and I talked about breaking into that old dorm at night to explore it. There’s something scary and appealing about decaying places.


It’s like these places freeze in time the moment we stop visiting them, and there’s a sense of history in that. There were rumors that something horrible had happened in the old boarded up dorm, but eventually I found out it was just closed due to lead paint, asbestos and my school not having the money needed to renovate it. Even places that you know aren’t haunted become haunted by a history when they fall into disuse.


I’ve been thinking a lot of about abandoned places this week.

With Screams and Axes,



Quick Fix Horror!

“Is this what you want?” She whispered, pushing Adam over the edge and into the reservoir.
He felt the shock of hitting the water, the sudden cold, and the frenzy of panic. Darkness gripped him and he let his mind drift out onto its steady current. When he opened his eyes, he was no longer underwater. He was damp and cold and lying on a mint-green linoleum floor in what looked like a grade school classroom. Overhead lights buzzed and flickered, and the cracked, stained plaster walls were hung with posters featuring Numbers, ABCs and white faces explaining good nutritional and hygiene habits. Small desks stood in rows all around him, the wood soggy and splintered. Everything was faded, and smelled of mildew. Water dripped excessively from the ceiling and pooled into the corners of the room where the floor sloped downwards. Adam rose to his feet and saw her sitting on the desk at the front of the room, still in her sheer white dress, still with her golden mask, perched like a teacher about to give her student a very important lesson.
“Is this what you wanted?” She asked him.



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