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I got absolutely no writing done last week. It’s impossible to get any work done while in the midst of the noise and chaos of a large family gathering, so I didn’t even try. I suppose it was nice to take a break, eat lots of food and reconnect with family members.


Before my pilgrimage to the family gathering, I subscribed to Sanitarium and downloaded a few issues to read allowed in the car. Sanitarium is a horror and dark fiction magazine that I’ve been hearing good things about. Some of the stories I loved, some of them I didn’t, but it’s still inspiring to read what other people are working on. My boyfriend and I had some great discussions about the pieces in the car, and it definitely made me more excited about my own work.


Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m in cranky Christmas mode. I hate shopping, and I wish I had started this whole Christmas present thing months ago. One of my boyfriend’s favorite horror movies is the Phantasm series. I’ve been trying to find the DVDS, but everywhere I look they’re 80 dollars a movie. I guess that’s what happens when cult movies go out of print? The search for the perfect Christmas present continues…

I’m in the mood to write a Christmas themed horror story.

With Screams and Axes,


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