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It Begins


I’m excited to start this new writing experience. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Since I was little I’ve dreamed of writing novels, but I never thought about blogging until recently. Writing has always been something I’ve done alone and shared with very few people. I’m a private person, and sharing my writing is something I’ve continually struggled with. I’m hoping that blogging will help me open up and will encourage me to put myself out there.

My educational background is in literary fiction. I’ve been trained to write proper, grounded stories that take place within the realms of reality. However, I don’t think that’s what I want to write anymore. I’ve decided to embrace the weirdness and allow myself to write what I want to write, whether it’s literary or not.

I’ve always enjoyed horror movies and scary stories. There’s something primal and pleasurable about being scared. I find the grotesque and the bizarre interesting and expressive.

Halloween is one of the first horror movies I ever saw, and I think the love of that movie has shaped me as an artist. Examining what moves me as a writer and what I hope to accomplish inspired me to take a few photos in my simple white mask. A classic never goes out of style.


This past week I’ve been working on a story about a time traveling monster. I hope to introduce you to him soon.

With Screams and Axes,


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  1. Kerri Casey Kerri Casey

    Love it! I too have had a history of enjoying scary stories. Blog on.

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